REPORT OF THE MEETING - Fifth Meeting of the Working Group for Scientific and Technical Co-operation for MED POL, UNEP/WG. 160/13

UNEP/MAP (10/04/1987)

Review and approve the Progress Report on the implementation of the MED POL during 1986-1987 and the proposed activities and budgetary requirements for 1988-1989; Review the Progress in the implementation of the LBS, Dumping, and Emergency Protocols; Review the assessment of the state of pollution by used lubricating oils, mercury and mercury compounds, cadmium and cadmium compounds, and petroleum hydrocarbons, and proposed measures; Review the assessment of the state of microbial pollution; Review the assessment of organosilicons as marine pollutants; Review and approve the Recommendations regarding measures to prevent mercury pollution, the Recommendations regarding EQS for shellfish waters, and the Recommendations regarding the future status of organosilicon compounds in the Dumping and LBS Protocols.

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