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Concept Note - Briefing for Kenyan NGO's

dc.contributorGovernance Affairs Officeen_US
dc.descriptionKenya hosts 12,000 registered Non-governmental organizations, with 3000 active members. Only a few of them are aware about the work of the United Nations in Kenya and Africa and the opportunities to engage with and benefit from the UN. In particular, the focus will be on headquartered UN organizations, such as UN Environment. Furthermore, there is little awareness and understanding about the role of the United Nations Environment Assembly.en_US
dc.subject.classificationEnvironmental Governanceen_US
dc.titleConcept Note - Briefing for Kenyan NGO'sen_US
dc.title.alternativeNational Council of NGO's Workshopen_US
dc.typeConcept noteen_US
wd.meeting.nameBriefing for Kenyan NGO'sen_US
wd.identifier.collectionMeeting Documentsen_US

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