UNEP Evaluation Synthesis Report 2008-2009

UN Environment Evaluation Office (2010)

This report provides analyses of information synthesised from one Subprogramme evaluation, one management study, one partnership evaluation and thirty-eight in-depth project evaluations and two special studies conducted by the Evaluation Office in 2008-9. The report also contains, in a separate chapter, analyses of the compliance status of evaluation recommendations. Another chapter outlines UNEP's approach to evaluating the Programmes of Work (POW) in the Medium Term Strategy (MTS). In further separate chapters we present the findings of two special studies: one on UNEP's approach to defining performance measures for the evaluation function using causal pathways and the other on the approach and findings of a review jointly undertaken by the Evaluation Office and the Quality Assurance Section relating to the quality of UNEP project supervision.

Evaluation Synthesis reports