Green Jobs for Youth Pact ILO_UNICEF_UNEP

United Nations Environment Programme (09/06/2022)

100 million jobs worldwide could be created in the sectors of sustainable energy and circular economy by 2030, according to the ILO. Every job has the potential to be a green job. However, serious investments in upskilling and reskilling are needed to reap the employment benefits and avoid future generations lost to unemployment as well as to tackle the triple planetary crisis. To address this, ILO, UNICEF, and UNEP will partner with and for young people to accelerate commitments to secure green jobs and build green skills in key countries and in high-impact sectors. Building on existing efforts and joint lessons learned, the ambition of this initiative is to contribute to a just transition to a low-carbon and circular economy, as well as to deliver on some of the key objectives of the UN’s “Our Common Agenda”