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    • The Arabian Deserts: The Everlasting Giving and the Challenge of Desertification 

      United Nations Environment Programme; Arab Center for the Studies of Arid Zones and Dry Lands (2007)
      The book describes the natural forms and shapes of the Arabian deserts and their resources and highlights their spiritual, cultural and economic importance and significance. It also addresses some of the environmental, ...
    • Atlas of Africa Energy Resources 

      United Nations Environment Programme; African Development Bank (2017)
      This Atlas compiles and synthesizes regional and national information. It presents the scale and distribution of energy resources, production and consumption trends, as well as the existing potential for environmentally ...
    • Cleaner Production Worldwide 

      United Nations Environment Programme (1995)
      This booklet aims to show through examples that by applying cleaner production, industry and consumers anywhere in the world can gain environmental benefits while reducing costs. The purpose of this booklet is to illustrate ...
    • Ecosystems and human well-being: El Maghara, Northern Sinai, Egypt 

      United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP, 2010)
      This assessment report is part of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment. This initiative is a landmark in endeavour to understand and to formulate a decisive response among decision makers
    • Global Material Flows and Resource Productivity: Assessment Report for the UNEP International Resource Panel 

      United Nations Environment Programme; International Resource Panel (2016)
      This report finds that global material use has tripled over the past four decades, with annual global extraction of materials growing from 22 billion tonnes (1970) to 70 billion tonnes (2010). It also provides a new material ...
    • Towards a more sustainable tannery sector in the Mediterranean 

      United Nations Environment Programme Mediterranean Action Plan (United Nations Environment Programme, 2015)
      This technical guide provides information on alternatives to leather that can prevent the environmental and human health impact while promoting local employment and sustainable economic opportunities, and summarises ...