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    • Atlas of Africa Energy Resources 

      United Nations Environment Programme; African Development Bank (2017)
      This Atlas compiles and synthesizes regional and national information. It presents the scale and distribution of energy resources, production and consumption trends, as well as the existing potential for environmentally ...
    • UNEP/UNDP/DUTCH Joint Project on Environmental Law and Institutions in Africa: Studies in Environmental Policy and Law in Malawi 

      United Nations Environment Programme; United Nations Development Programme (2001)
      This volume comprises one of the efforts to operationalize the concept of capacity building. Malawian nationals prepared the reports, and where there is necessity for follow up work, they can be called upon to follow up ...
    • World heritage and tourism in a changing climate 

      Unknown author (United Nations Environment ProgrammeUnited Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, 2016)
      This report provides an overview of the increasing vulnerability of World Heritage sites to climate change impacts and the potential implications for and of global tourism. It also examines the close relationship between ...