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    • Food Waste Index Report 2021 

      United Nations Environment Programme (2021)
      Sustainable Development Goal 12.3 (SDG 12.3) captures a commitment to halve food waste at the retail and consumer level and to reduce food loss across supply chains. This Food Waste Index Report aims to advance progress ...
    • GEO-6: Global Environment Outlook: Regional assessment for Latin America and the Caribbean 

      United Nations Environment Programme (2016)
      This regional Global Environment Outlook (GEO) report,the fourth for Latin America and the Caribbean (with theprevious GEO regional assessment for LAC published in2010), places emphasis on identifying some of the mostworrying ...
    • Key Messages - Bracing for Superbugs: Strengthening Environmental Action in the One Health Response to Antimicrobial Resistance 

      United Nations Environment Programme (2023-02)
      This document addresses the following topics: What are antimicrobials? What is antimicrobial resistance (AMR)? Impact of AMR. AMR and the environment. Climate change and AMR. Biodiversity loss and AMR. Pollution and AMR. ...
    • National Guidance for Plastic Pollution Hotspotting and Shaping Action: Introduction to the Methodology 

      United Nations Environment Programme; International Union for Conservation of Nature; Life Cycle Initiative (2020)
      This guidance is co-developed by UNEP, IUCN, and the Life Cycle Initiative. It aims to provide a methodological framework for identifying ‘hotspots’ of plastic pollution, finding the leakages and their impacts along the ...
    • OzonAction education pack: guide for primary school teachers 

      United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP, 2006)
      This education pack contains an entire teaching and learning programme, based on basic knowledge, practical skills and participation, for students to learn about concrete and simple solutions to protect the ozone layer and ...
    • Radiation: Effects and sources 

      United Nations Environment Programme (2016)
      This publication is based on the major scientific reports of the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR) published in the last 25 years and aims to expand public knowledge on levels ...
    • Towards a Green Economy: Pathways to Sustainable and Poverty Eradication 

      United Nations Environment Programme (2011)
      This report demonstrates that the greening of economies is not generally a drag on growth but rather a new engine of growth
    • UNEP in 2022 [Annual Report] 

      United Nations Environment Programme (2023-01)
      In many ways, 2022 was the year of renewed vigour on environmental action. Member States adopted landmark resolutions to ramp up efforts to curb pollution, mitigate and adapt to climate change, and protect and restore ...