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    • Activities of UNEP in the Field of Environmental Law in 1991 

      United Nations Environment Programme (1992)
      Since its creation in 1972, UNEP has been very active in the development of environmental law. UNEP can point to the fact that under its auspices tour major global binding agreements - the 1985 Vienna Convention for the ...
    • Africa Waste Management Outlook 

      United Nations Environment Programme (2018)
      Following the success of the Global Waste Management Outlook, IETC has been leading the development of a series of regional and thematic WM outlook. The Africa WM Outlook is part of this series and looks at the continent's ...
    • A Commitment to the Future: Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection 

      Tolba, Mostafa K. (United Nations Environment Programme, 1992)
      Between 1974 and 1992 I gave more than 600 statements and lectures on various aspects of the environment to governmental meetings, scientific conferences, international gatherings and non-governmental organizations. This ...
    • Environmental Law in UNEP 

      United Nations Environment Programme (1991)
      The thrust of UNEP's environmental law activity comes from the decisions of its Governing Council and is strengthened by such major UNEP programme documents as the "In-depth Review of Environmental Law" (pertaining to ...
    • Global Chemicals and Waste Indicator Review Document 

      United Nations Environment Programme; United Nations Human Settlement Programme (2021)
      The Global Chemicals and Waste Indicator Review Document aims to strengthen the knowledge base of chemicals and hazardous waste and enhance the capacity of selected countries to track progress towards related SDG indicators ...
    • Green Customs Guide to Multilateral Environmental Agreements 

      United Nations Environment Programme (2018)
      This guide provides an overview of the multilateral environmental agreements, their requirements related to trade in environmentally sensitive substances and commodities, and the role of customs officers and border control ...
    • Guidelines for the Environmental Management of Alumina Production 

      United Nations Environment Programme (1984)
      These Guidelines are not intended to lay down statutory or mandatory rules, but rather, in summarizing current experience and generally accepted good environmental management practice, to indicate action to be taken, ...
    • Hazardous Waste Policies and Strategies - A Training Manual 

      Economy Division (1991)
      This manual is intended to assist with the further training of decision-makers who have already—or are likely to have soon—direct responsibility for the management of hazardous waste. The manual is the result of collaboration ...
    • Landfill of Hazardous Industrial Wastes: A Training Manual - Technical Report No. 17 

      United Nations Environment Programme; The International Solid Waste and Public Cleansing Association (1993)
      This is the 17th publications in a Technical Report Series that regroups the Guidelines, Overviews, Technical Reviews, and Workshop Proceedings previously published by UNEP IE/PAC. The regrouping into a single series will ...
    • Lebanon: Post-Conflict Environmental Assessment 

      United Nations Environment Programme (2007)
      e recent conflict in Lebanon and in Israel, which began in July 2006 and lasted for more than a month led to nearly one million Lebanese fleeing their homes. One of the most high profile issues of the conflict was the ...
    • Managing Urban Sewage: An Introductory Guide for Decision-makers - Newsletter and Technical Publications Freshwater Management Series No. 10 

      United Nations Environment Programme (2003)
      This document is part of the IETC series of Introductory Guides for Decision-makers. These guides are intended to assist decision-makers at the local level in understanding the issues and making informed decisions for the ...
    • Small Island Developing States Waste Management Outlook 

      United Nations Environment Programme (2019)
      The Small Island Developing States Waste Management Outlook provides an assessment of solid, liquid and gaseous waste generated in 58 Small Island Developing States. It also recommends a series of initiatives that can be ...
    • The State of the Environment 1983: Selected Topics 

      United Nations Environment Programme (1983)
      The present state of the environment report deals with three topics of international significance selected by the Governing Council of the United Nations Environment Programme at its tenth session: two contemporary issues ...
    • The State of the World Environment 1989 - UNEP/GC.15/7/Add.2 

      United Nations Environment Programme (1989)
      The present report has been prepared in compliance with that decision. The report highlights the developments that took place since 1987 and as such, it compkments the 1987 state ofthe world environment report. Two topics ...
    • UN Environment 2016 Annual Report: Empowering People to Protect the Planet 

      United Nations Environment Programme (2016)
      Annual report
    • UNEP Environmental Law Training Manual 

      United Nations Environment Programme (1997)
    • UNEP: The first 40 years - A Narrative by Stanley Johnson 

      United Nations Environment Programme (2012)
      For many of those who were lucky enough to be there, the first United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, held in Stockholm, Sweden, from 5-16 June 1972 was truly memorable. Stockholm in high summer is a magical ...
    • Waste Management Outlook for West Asia 2019: Waste to Wealth 

      United Nations Environment Programme (2019)
      This Regional Outlook builds upon the Global Waste Management Outlook published in 2015. Focusing on waste management systems, finance and governance, it articulates a means of future progress toward sustainable waste ...