Progress reports mandated by the Governing Council at previous sessions: Report by the Executive Director

United Nations Environment Programme (04/12/2012)

The present report provides information on the following subjects, as mandated by the Governing Council in decisions adopted at previous sessions: (a) Implementation of decision 26/14 on the Global Environment Monitoring SystemWater Programme, pursuant to paragraph 5 of the decision; (b) Outcomes of the ninth meeting of the international Advisory Group on Environmental Emergencies, pursuant to decision 26/15, paragraph 9; (c) Contribution of the United Nations Environment Programme to promoting South-South cooperation, pursuant to decision 26/16, paragraph 7; (d) Work of the Environment Management Group, pursuant to decision SS.XII/2, paragraph 4; (e) Mid-term progress in the implementation of the long-term strategy on the engagement and involvement of young people in environmental issues, pursuant to decision 25/6, paragraph 7.

Reports of the ED