The Emissions Gap and its Implications - The Emissions Gap Report 2017 Chapter 3

den Elzen, Michel ; Höhne, Niklas ; Jiang, Kejun ; Cantzler, Jasmin ; Drost, Philip ; Fransen, Taryn ; Fekete, Hanna ; Kuramochi, Takeshi ; Lee, David ; Levin, Kelly ; Rogelj, Joeri ; Sha, Fu ; Schaeffer, Michiel ; Vrontisi, Zoi (2017)

This chapter provides an update on the mitigation challenge associated with the global temperature goal of the Paris Agreement, and the estimated global emission levels under various assumptions regarding the implementation of current policies and NDCs or INDCs (hereafter referred to as NDCs, unless specifically mentioned in relation to a country that has not ratified the Paris Agreement).

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