Vetiver Briquette: Feasibility Report

Carbon Roots International, Inc (2015)

This study evaluates the technical and commercial feasibility of implementing a vetiver briquette initiative in the South. To do so, the report first defines a successful green charcoal venture in Part I, outlining how it should function and what it should be expected to accomplish. Understanding what the vetiver briquette project should achieve, the report then addresses the major factors that are likely to affect the venture’s success. Part II assesses the Southern region’s infrastructure and key resources, as well as the two local markets most pertinent to a green charcoal venture, the charcoal market, and the vetiver industry. Part III addresses feedstock availability, or the quantity of root and leaf biomass available for charcoal production per annum. The report also assesses the availability of a variety of other agricultural by-products that could be used to augment vetiver, such as corn, sugarcane, and cassava.

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