Aluminum Industry and the Environment: Seminar Papers and Documents

United Nations Environment Programme (1975)

From the first session of the UNEP Governing Council, held in June 1973, the importance of environmental issues associated with industrial development was recognized and a programme of activities on environmental problems of specific industries was initiated by the Executive Director. A series of industrial sectors were chosen for examination by the Governing Council and the Aluminium Industry is one of these sectors. Consultations have been undertaken with experts nominated by Governments, industry and international governmental and non-governmental organizations, culminating in a Seminar held in Paris in October 1975, where the state of the art of existing remedies, outstanding problems and possible avenues of research and development to resolve these environmental issues were assessed. This report gives the Proceedings of the Seminar, which includes the background papers prepared for the Seminar, as well as all the documents presented

Reports and Books