Assessment and Promotion of Human Resources for River Water Quality Management

United Nations Environment Programme ; Japan Society on Water Management (1995)

East Asian countries have been experiencing an economic boom over the past several years. Industrial development and trade are on the rise, fuelled by healthy and vigorous foreign investment. Unfortunately, it is the very same development that hastens the degradation of the quality of life and the environment in these countries. It is in the light of this situation that this project becomes both urgent and important. Human Resource Development For River Water Quality Management In East Asian Countries' is a collaborative project of the Japan Society on Water Environment (JSWE). the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and researchers from East Asian countries. This manual was prepared for the following purposes: 1) to provide an assessment of and a framework for the proper conduct of river water quality management in East Asian countries; 2) to provide an assessment of and suggest adequate procedures for human resource development efforts for river water quality management; and 3) to propose and examine various activities and programs for forging regional cooperation in the area of human resource development for water quality management.

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