Building an Environmental Management Information System (EMIS): Handbook with Toolkit

United Nations Environment Programme ; United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (UNCHS - Habitat) (2001)

EMIS stands for Environmental Management Information System. Such a system consists of formalised steps to capture information, as well as fixed procedures to retrieve this information. Generally speaking, the EMIS covers the gathering of all relevant information for the Environmental Planning and Management (EPM) Process. This book refers to the concept of environmental planning and management (EPM) elaborating on the particular elements which are most relevant to a well-functioning EMIS. An EMIS can be built incrementally at different levels of sophistication. A highly sophisticated EMIS, however, uses GIS as a state-of-the-art spatial management tool. Particular EMIS steps provide support to the various stages in the SCP process as outlined in the SCP Source Books, e.g. Environmental Profile (EP), Strategies and Action Plans, etc. This Handbook supports all the stages of the project cycle, that is focused on the mapping part of the information system.

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