Enabling local success: A Primer on Mainstreaming Local Ecosystem-Based Solutions to Poverty-Environment Challenge

United Nations Environment Programme ; United Nations Development Programme (2011)

The Poverty-Environment Initiative (PEI) supports country-led programmes to mainstream the environmental concerns of poor and vulnerable groups into development planning and implementation processes at national, sectoral and subnational levels. PEI recognizes that a central goal of mainstreaming is to improve poverty-environment outcomes at the local level—that is, to improve the livelihoods, health, security and empowerment of people living in poverty through sound and equitable environmental management. This Primer on Enabling Local Success takes as its premise that local actors are the key drivers of change at the local level, and the success of poverty-environment mainstreaming efforts will be determined to a significant extent by their effectiveness in empowering local organizations to build and spread local solutions to poverty and environment challenges.

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