Promoting low-GWP Refrigerants for Air-Conditioning Sectors in High-Ambient Temperature Countries (PRAHA)

United Nations Environment Programme ; United Nations Industrial Development Organization (2014-11-26)

The project was approved at ExCom 69 (April 2013) and now has a planned date of completion of end 2015. The project key elements are: 1. Assess available technologies: – Study the availability of current and low-GWP alternative refrigerants that are sustainable in the long term; – Involve research institutes, international panels, and industry experts 2. Assess relevant Energy Efficiency (EE) standards and codes: – Development and upgrade of existing national/ regional standards – Potential impact of selecting short-term alternatives 3. Economic comparison of alternative technologies: – Compare initial and operating costs of low-GWP technologies – Identify technology and regulatory gaps 4. Promoting technology transfer: – Identify commercial opportunities and fiscal implications of facilitating technology transfer