Biodiversity for Sustainable Development in the Caribbean through Ecosystem Based Management

Caribbean Environment Programme ; United Nations Environment Programme (2015-04-01)

Continue to support Governments in meeting the objectives of the Cartagena Convention and its SPAW Protocol, as well as their international commitments such as the Caribbean Challenge under CBD’s Aichi Targets to protect and conserve 20% of the marine and coastal resources of the Caribbean by 2020. The project will train personnel in ecosystem management tools, provide technical assistance to selected pilot sites, and develop information systems (and test them at these sites) to be used by governmental and non-governmental agencies in making decisions for the planning and management of resources with a focus on Ecosystem Based Management (EBM). The project also aims to develop the region’s institutional capacities through knowledge transfer to boost the UN Environment-CEP’s Regional Database of Marine Protected Areas, integrate it into the DSS for strategic/operational planning of marine managed areas, and in this way enhance the work of the Caribbean Marine Protected Areas Management Network and Forum (CaMPAM).