Making EbA an Effective Part of Balanced Adaptation Strategies: Introducing the UNEP EbA Briefing Notes - Briefing Note 1

United Nations Environment Programme ; United Nations Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre (2020)

This briefing note serves as an introduction to the series, with a focus on creating conceptual clarity on EbA and its relation to other related approaches, as well as how EbA is key to achieving a much needed paradigm shift. The briefing note series aims to help its readers (especially the United Nations Environment Programme staff, project teams and consultants) to make best use of EbA as part of a balanced approach to addressing climate change adaptation. The briefing notes aim to foster a common understanding of key concepts, issues and considerations to help design, plan and implement successful EbA initiatives. They highlight issues that need to be addressed and potential trade-offs and tensions that need to be resolved to enable EbA to form part of – and contribute to – the wider landscape of climate change adaptation in the context of sustainable development.

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