Carbon Forest

Poland (2019)

The Carbon Forest Project is the proposal of the State Forests National Forest Holding to mitigate negative climate change. The main factor with negative impact on climate is the excessive emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases, e.g. nitrous oxide (N₂O). The project does not only promote forests as the ecosystem mitigating negative climate change, it also proves that the so-called additional actions in forestry on the project’s areas significantly raise the absorptive potential of Polish forests. Temporarily, the Carbon Forest areas have insignificant impact on the CO₂ balance in Poland, as the project is of study character and is realised since 2017 on a limited area. It is a mainly scientific and researchbased undertaking which is supposed to give a future answer to the question whether it is worth to be continued and what results it might bring if realised to a greater extent. The Carbon Forest Project is fully financed by the State Forests.