50/50 - The Plan to Save Life on Earth

AVAAZ ; Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation ; National Geographic (2019)

In April 2019, scientists published a paper explaining why protecting half the planet is needed, and how if embedded in a Global Deal for Nature it could promote increased habitat protection and restoration, national and regional conservation strategies, and to empower indigenous peoples to protect their sovereign lands. The paper builds upon several scientific papers for protecting key biodiversity areas and the latest climate science, to conclude a milestone of at least 30% of lands protected by 2030 with an additional 20% of ecosystems in key climate stabilization areas either restored, protected, or under sustainable management. As we saw in Paris, successful agreements need apex goals - ambitious, clear targets that inspire everyone, from citizens, to governments, and businesses to act. In that sense with the right support 50/50 could be the conservation equivalent of ‘Net Zero’.