Sea Level Rise and Integrated Coastal Risk Assessment in the Context of Climate Change

People's Republic of China (2019)

As one of the major countries which is populous at low altitudes coastal areas, China proposes to deepen cooperation and joint research among coastal countries in the areas of regional climate change, sea level rise and extreme events (strong typhoons, storm surges and huge waves) and promote a series of corresponding social-ecosystem impact surveys and risk assessments. It will benefit to reduce exposure and vulnerability of high-risk coastal areas, and to improve adaptability and resilience for sea level rise and climate change. At the same time, China appeals to normalizing the organization of special forums on climate change and coastal disaster mitigation, mainly focusing on topics including “comprehensive coastal risk assessment”, “climate change and sea level rise adaptation and mitigation”, “best practices on national and regional scale for disaster prevention and mitigation” and so on, which will provide good chances for communications and exchanges among coastal countries.