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Science & Technology Actions on Nature-Based Solutions for Climate Change

dc.contributorCommunications Divisionen_US
dc.contributor.authorPeople’s Republic of Chinaen_US
dc.descriptionThe objective of the initiative, Science &Technology Actions on Nature-Based Solutions is to call on the governments, international organizations, NGOs, etc. to jointly strengthen science and technology innovation and cooperation in the areas of nature-based solutions, including:(1). Establish and update the science and technology system to support the implementation and promotion of nature-based solutions: Call on countries to increase R&D investment in nature-based solutions; Integrate the existing scientific basis in different fields, build the disciplinary knowledge system of nature-based solutions; Promote the establishment of unified definition, criteria and methodology, including the establishment evaluation methodology of long-term benefits, impacts and potential risk; Promote the establishment of case study and technology database.(2). Promote the establishment of institutional environment to facilitate the implementation and promotion: Conduct surveys on institutional environment requirements, establish the long-term mechanism for implementation, evaluation and maintenance; Carry out parameter-localization analysis, and facilitate the implementation of programs; Promote the alignment between nature-based solutions with other policy mechanisms, such as the carbon emission trading system. (3). Strengthen scientific and technological cooperation: Strengthen scientific and technological communication and cooperation in relevant fields through existing international cooperation mechanisms or initiatives, including the nature-based action of the Commission of Ecosystem Management under the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN); Build an international communication and cooperation platform by holding international forum and carrying out constructive dialogue so as to share and exchange practical experience, and strengthen the connection with various stakeholders.en_US
dc.relation.ispartofUN Secretary General Climate Action Summiten_US
dc.titleScience & Technology Actions on Nature-Based Solutions for Climate Changeen_US
wd.identifier.sdgSDG 13 - Climate Actionen_US
wd.topicsClimate changeen_US
wd.identifier.pagesnumber3 p.en_US

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