Environmental Laws & Regulations in China and Rules of WTO (A Chinese-English Version) [Part A]

United Nations Environment Programme ; China State Environmental Protection Administration (2002)

Environmental regulation and the rules on trade are impacting one another. This compilation, in the form of bilingual Chinese-English version, has collected the major environmental laws, regulations and other regulatory instruments, which having direct or indirect impact on trade, investment and development projects, the rules of various WTO agreements with impact on environmental protection. The trade-related provisions in major international environmental treaties and the environment-related provisions in the legal instruments on China's accession into WTO are also included. This compilation was organized by the Department of Policy & Law of the State environmental Protection Administration, it could be used as the guideline for international traders and investors to get familiar with and comply with the Chinese environmental laws and regulations, it could also be used as the indispensable deskbook for those in the environmental departments and other related sectors to understand and apply the rules of WTO, especially those provisions related to the environmental protection.

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