Carbon Disulfide - Environmental Health Criteria 10

United Nations Environment Programme ; World Health Organization (1979)

This document is based primarily on original publications listed in the reference section but much valuable information has also been obtained from various publications reviewing the toxicity and health aspects of carbon disulfide including those of the US National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH, 1977) and Brieger & Teisinger, ed. (1966). By far the most important use of carbon disulfide in industry is in the production of viscose rayon fibres. it is also used, to some extent, as a solvent in various industrial processes including the refining of paraffin and petroleum, and more recently in the production of flotation agents and herbicides. However, the risk of being exposed to high concentrations" of carbon disulfide during these processes is small compared with that in the viscose industry

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