NBS Good Practices from Chinese Government: Innovation of Environmental Protection via Financial Technology - Carbon Reduction Actions by 350 Million Users of ‘Ant Forest'

China (2019)

The practice of ‘Ant Forest' brings four social values: first, it is the first large-scale individual carbon emission reduction campaign around the world -- a Chinese exemplar showing the globe the image of a responsible China as the major carbon emission reducer; second, it promotes green lifestyle and helps improve the green mentality and environmental awareness of all Chinese people, thus becoming an important supplement to the construction of ecological civilization in China; third, as a representative of Chinese technology companies, it has realized the application of advanced financial technology in the system of individual carbon emission reduction measurement, allocation and incentive standards;and fourth, it has created the new Chinese patterns of public welfare environmental,protection that are widely and deeply involved by individuals and small- and micro- enterprises, such as“Internet emission reduction",“Internet tree planting" and“Internet green protection”, etc.