Kenya Drought: Impacts on Agriculture, Livestock and Wildlife

United Nations Environment Programme ; Government of Kenya (2006)

This report is the product of a collaboration between the UNEP Division of Environmental Policy and implementation (DEPI) and the Department of Resource Surveys and Remote Sensing (DRSHS) in the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources. Providing an assessment of the impact of the drought of 2000 on livestock and wildlife populations, this report focuses on selected districts within two Savannah ecosystems in Kenya, including the southern rangelands (Kajiado, Narok, and Transmara districts) and the northern rangelands (Laikipia, lsiolo and Samburu districts). This report also provides a comparative analysis of the historical trend of droughts in the and and semi-arid region, represented by the above-mentioned districts, and the high potential areas, represented by the districts of Nakuru and Murang'a. Further discussion is given to the impact of drought on food production, water resources and catchments, and economic development. Finally, this report examines the trends of human population growth and agricultural encroachments into marginal areas, and deforestation as some of the factors responsible for land degradation and enhancement of drought severity.

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