Indicator Metrics for the 11 DSF Sustainability Criteria

Dairy Sustainability Framework (2019)

The objective of DSF in creating these reporting guidelines is to make reporting across all 11 high level indicators as simple and efficient as possible, while providing adequate resolution to demonstrate continuous improvement and identify emerging challenges. DSF members represent a range of global dairy organizations, including local to global private enterprises, regional cooperatives, and advocacy organizations. Members are responsible for reporting across their scope of enterprises. In order for DSF to evaluate global performance of the dairy sector, these data must be reported in a consistent manner, with adequate resolution for statistical comparisons. Those member organizations that represent multiple enterprises (aggregators) shall report their total number of participants, the number reporting (this provides a measure of representation), the arithmetic mean (this allows for parametric statistical comparisons), and where possible, the range and standard deviation for each indicator metric. The specific reporting requirements for each high level indicator are available as separate documents for each indicator, simply download those that you have prioritised.