Ecological Poverty Alleviation: Happy Homeland e-Tree Planting

China Green Foundation (2019)

Land degradation/desertification in western China and regional poverty caused by this has become the most serious issue in alleviating poverty and realizing sustainable development. The best solution is to integrate government resources with social resources. The China Green Foundation (has been working on ecological construction and charity afforestation program for many years. Given the fact of undeveloped economy, harsh ecological environment, and poor livelihood in the western part of China, and after several rounds of investigation and survey, an ecological poverty alleviation program: Happy Homeland e Tree Planting was launched in 2007. Along with the time trend, this program is formed with the basis of previous practice experience and takes into consideration of GCF s advantage, attracting supports from all parties in the society to participate in ecological environment protection and poverty alleviation to assist local poor people to plant economic trees, promoting poverty alleviation and ecological environment protection, and realizing the sustainable development with a harmonious relationship between man and nature.