Physical, Alteration and Destruction of Habitats: Regional Overview of the Physical Alteration and Habitat Destruction (PADH) in the Western Indian Ocean region

United Nations Environment Programme ; Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA) ; The Global Programme of Action for the Protection of the Marine Environment (2004)

The GPA has been mandated to provide guidance and develop activities to address nine source categories of land-based sources of marine degradation. These are: wastewater/sewage; Nutrients; Persistent Organic Pollutants; Radioactive substances; Heavy metals; Sediment mobilization; Litter; Oils (Hydrocarbons); and Physical Alteration and Habitat destruction (PADH). Physical alteration and habitat destruction is considered as the strongest reflection of the increasing population and economic activities in the coastal zone. PADH is also referred as "Habitat and Community Modification" by the Global International Water Assessment (GIWA) Programme or "Destruction and Alteration of Habitats" in other processes.

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