Conversion from Mercury to Alternative Technology in the Chlor-Alkali Industry

United Nations Environment Programme ; Global Mercury Partnership (2012)

This report describes the production technologies, the factors influencing conversion, and several economic scenarios to illustrate the financial components of conversion decisions and to calculate payback time of the investment using a cash flow model. The purpose of these scenarios is to estimate the magnitude of investment required for conversions, and the model in particular is used to show how conversion may affect cash flow at a facility. These scenarios are based on cases representing the best available information and knowledge but some of the data do not represent any specific conversions that have occurred. Instead, they use estimates for economic parameters supplied by the chlorine industry. Using this information, a cash flow model was applied to calculate a payback time for the investment. It should be emphasized that this is still a model calculation and therefore each case, due to its specific local conditions, will differ from this calculation.

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