Water Supply & Sanitation Coverage in UNEP Regional Seas: Need for Regional Wastewater Emission Targets! Section III: An Inventory of Regional Specific Data and the Feasibility of developing Regional Wastewater Emission Targets (WET)

United Nations Environment Programme (2004)

The present report aims to give insight in the feasibility to develop regional Wastewater Emission Targets (WET) within the UNEP/GPA-RS framework. It highlights the availability of regional specific data on wastewater treatment and management and endeavours to broaden the scope of the Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP) by including environmental wastewater aspects. The study is based on the feedback from eleven Regional Seas focal points in response to a questionnaire, and a subsequent websearch and desk study. It shows that many regional sea focal points confirm the added value of developing regional WET as was suggested by the Governing Council Decision 22/2/II (2003). It can serve as a tool for transboundary environmental issues, it also improves synergy between sanitation and environmental objectives. It thus validates to develop and set regional priorities and it contributes to participation of the (e.g. involving) public sector, civil society and private sector. As such, WET could stimulate adequate priority setting in the field of sanitation and municipal wastewater management, help appropriate resource allocation to achieve the targets agreed upon, e.g. improve the global environment and health.

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