Protecting Seagrass through Payments for Ecosystem Services: A Community Guide

United Nations Environment Programme (2020)

This document explores the ways in which community groups could use Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) to run a seagrass conservation project. It outlines the requirements of running a project and include best practice guidance on governing and operating a community-based conservation project. It provides guidance and best-practice advice on how to do so and acts as a ‘signposting’ guide to resources elsewhere. The scope of the document is intended to be global and so details of country specific legislation, cultural context or other factors that will be key considerations in running a community-based seagrass conservation project cannot be covered. It is intended for use by community groups and project developers with an interest in establishing a community-based seagrass conservation project. It provides general guidance for doing so as well as supplementary information on setting up a Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) project.

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