Towards Green and Inclusive Prosperity: Building Green Economies that Deliver on Poverty Reduction

United Nations Environment Programme ; United Nations Development Programme (2015)

This report, Towards green and inclusive prosperity – building green economies that deliver on poverty reduction, and its complementary set of Case Studies, has been prepared through the Netherlands funded UNDP-DESA-UNEP Joint Programme on Supporting a Green Economy Transition in Developing Countries and LDCs to facilitate South-South learning and help fill this knowledge gap. Its nonprescriptive findings for policy-makers and practitioners are designed to inform country-led efforts to transition to greener, more inclusive economies that help eradicate poverty. The report highlights the social and environmental opportunities for investing in environmentally sustainable growth policies, as well as lessons learned from designing and implementing national and sector-based green economy initiatives. The report draws on a range of UNDP commissioned case studies covering: environmental fiscal reform, employment generation programmes, sustainable ecosystem management, ecotourism, energy, waste management, and reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation.

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