Guidelines on Mangrove Ecosystem Restoration for the Western Indian Ocean Region - Western Indian Ocean Ecosystem Guidelines and Toolkits

United Nations Environment Programme ; Nairobi Convention Secretariat (2020)

The purpose of preparing this Guidelines on Mangrove Ecosystem Restoration for the WIO Region is to provide the information that will help ensure successful mangrove restoration projects within the WIO region. The aims are to provide step-by-step procedures to restore mangrove on areas impacted by both human and natural stressors. The objectives are to: i Highlight status and conditions of mangrove forests around the world, their goods and services, threats facing them, and the need to restore degraded mangroves for present and future generations; ii Serve as documentation of previous mangrove restoration activities and lessons learnt from across the WIO region; iii Outline best practices from previous mangrove restoration activities across the region thus allowing for objective sitespecific assessment of restoration pathways and enhanced successes; and iv Help users in the region to focus on what is most likely to work for them, to assist them to better match the array of available tools to their particular situation.

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