Assessment on Linkages with Other Clusters related to Chemicals and Waste Management and Options to Coordinate and Cooperate on Areas of Common Interest - Assessment Paper

United Nations Environment Programme (2020)

This assessment paper explores the linkages and options to coordinate and cooperate between chemicals and waste management and seven related clusters. The selection of clusters is based on linkages identified in the Global Chemical Outlook II (p. 10-11), with the addition of human rights based on its cross-cutting relevance. Each of these clusters demonstrate a strong link with the SDGs. The assessment reveals a plethora of common areas of interest in each of the examined clusters. Yet, gaps remain in existing mechanisms for coordination and cooperation. Accordingly, options to coordinate and cooperate (and/or to enhance existing coordination and cooperation) can be identified across all the clusters. This applies as well for several cross-cutting themes that are identified in this assessment (e.g. the science-policy interface).

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