UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration: Partnership Framework

United Nations Environment Programme ; Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (2020)

Organizations and other entities able to make large-scale or long-term contributions to ecosystem restoration can apply to become official partners of the UN Decade. A framework developed under the UN Decade’s guiding strategy includes seven partnership categories, as detailed below. Two categories are reserved for UN entities detailed in the UN General Assembly resolution that proclaimed The UN Decade. Other prospective partners will be able to apply for the category which best fits their profile, although they may contribute under more than one. Everyone interested in supporting the UN Decade can fill out this quick survey, to explore the role they can play in implementation. Partners will be accepted on a rolling basis. Partners will be selected to represent different stakeholder groups and cover the full range of ecosystems. Priority may be given to specific partner requests at one point in time while others can play a more active contribution later on to making the UN Decade a success.

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