Terminal Evaluation of the UNEP Project: Enhanced Coordination and implementation of the 10YFP and its programmes (2016-2019)

UNEP Evaluation Office (2021-04)

This report is a Terminal Evaluation of a UNEP EC funded project “Enhanced Coordination and implementation of the 10YFP and its programmes” (2016-2019), implemented between 2016 and 2019.The project's overall development goal was to support the strategic, action-oriented and coherent delivery of the 10YFP support for the shift towards SCP patterns at all levels, through continuous and strengthened secretariat functions and services. The evaluation sought to assess project performance (in terms of relevance, effectiveness and efficiency), and determine outcomes and impacts (actual and potential) stemming from the project, including their sustainability. The evaluation has two primary purposes: (i) to provide evidence of results to meet accountability requirements, and (ii) to promote operational improvement, learning, feedback, and knowledge sharing through results and lessons learned among UNEP, the European Commission and main project partners, including the One Planet Network members.

Terminal Project Evaluations