State of Food Waste in West Asia [Factsheet]

United Nations Environment Programme (2021)

Following the publication of the Food Waste Index 2021 report (UNEP 2021), this report dives into the challenges ofthe West Asia region. Food loss occurs during the production and distribution of the food supply chain, whereas food waste occurs at theretail and consumer levels. This report focuses on the current state of food waste in West Asia and on existingefforts, gaps and opportunities. It advocates sustainable food waste management for West Asia, an area that ishistorically known for producing high amounts of food waste, so it complements the region’s efforts to end poverty,reduce hunger and improve human health. To date, information about attitudes and behaviours governing food waste generation in West Asia is scarce. A keygoal of this study was to assess the attitudes and behaviours that determine food waste in the region, to betterunderstand and tailor community-based interventions.

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