Green Economy Policy Review of Mongolia's Green Development Policy: Mid-term Review

United Nations Environment Programme ; Mongolia, Ministry of Environment and Tourism (2021)

This study covers a review of the policy documents which are considered important for the GD Policy implementation. These documents include laws approved by the PoM, Government of Mongolia (GoM) resolutions, action plans, ministerial orders and other research and policy implementation plans and reports. In reviewing the document, the support and participation of special funds, Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs), professional organizations and Public Private Partnerships (PPP) were taken into account. The policies and other government documents form the main framework for government actions towards a green economy. The first chapter of the report introduces the GD Policy, its targets and indicators as well as the research methodology and scope. The second chapter covers a review of the policy implementation, including the policy formulation process and progress on the implementation of the GD Policy, by: 1) analyzing whether it is able to reach the 2020 targets, 2)understanding the harmonization and alignment of the GD Policy with the SDGs and the “Vision 2050” long-term policy and 3) integrating qualitative findings based on interviews and a consultation workshop that was organized in December 2019. Chapter three puts forward conclusions and recommendations.

Reports, Books and Booklets