AMAP Assessment 2015: Human Health in the Arctic

Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP) (2015)

This report provides the accessible scientific basis and validation for the statements and recommendations made in the Summary for Policy-makers: Arctic Pollution Issues 2015 reporti that was delivered to Arctic Council Ministers at their meeting in Iqaluit, Canada in April 2015. It is also the basis for a related AMAP State of the Arctic Environment report Arctic Pollution Issues 2015: Overviewii. It includes extensive background data and references to the scientific literature, and details the sources for graphics reproduced in the overview report. Whereas the Summary for Policy-makers report contains recommendations that focus mainly on policy-relevant actions concerned with addressing contaminant impacts on Arctic human populations, the conclusions and recommendations presented in this report also cover issues of a more scientific nature, such as proposals for filling gaps in knowledge, and recommendations relevant to future monitoring and research work.

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