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Gender equality and the environment: Policy and strategy

dc.contributor.authorUnited Nations Environment Programme
dc.descriptionThe UNEP Gender Policy and Strategy charts our strategic direction on gender and the environment over the 2014-2017 planning period. Like the MTS that it parallels, the P&S describes the overarching programme and operational mechanisms that we will put in place, or strengthen, and the broad areas of result that we plan to achieve, while the Gender Implementation Plan (GIP) articulates the precise steps that we will take, in tandem with the UNEP biennial Strategic Framework and corresponding Programme of Work (2014-2015 and 2016-2017).
dc.publisherUnited Nations Environment Programme
dc.subjectgender equality
dc.subjectgender mainstreaming
dc.subjectwomen and the environment
dc.subjectgender budgeting
dc.subject.classificationClimate Change
dc.subject.classificationDisasters and Conflicts
dc.subject.classificationEcosystem Management
dc.subject.classificationEnvironmental Governance
dc.subject.classificationHarmful Substances
dc.subject.classificationResource Efficiency
dc.subject.classificationEnvironment Under Review
dc.titleGender equality and the environment: Policy and strategy
dc.typeManuals and Guides
wd.identifier.sdgSDG 5 - Gender Equality

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