Ethiopia environment outlook - Environment for development

Federal Environmental Protection Authority, Ethiopia (2007)

The theme of this Report is "Environment for Development". Hence, the report profiles the countries environmental resources as an asset for socio-economic development leading to improved livelihood conditions in the country. It also tries to assess the stress or pressures exerted on environmental assets due to social, economic, cultural and technological drivers and the impacts, as well as the measures taken by different bodies to improve conditions of the environmental resource base of the country. Through the Ethiopia Environment Outlook report it is intended to convey some key messages, those assumed to be very critical for ensuring a better environment for both social and economic development in the country. The main objective of this report is to provide information on what is happening to the Ethiopia environmental assets, why it is happening, what responsive measures have been taken by different bodies and what the future conditions of the environmental assets would look like in the country. Hence, the report would inform different target groups including policy makers, researchers and the public at large. It is also believed that the Ethiopia Environment Outlook report would initiate dialogue and policy debates between policy makers and others to put in place appropriate policies for the betterment and sustained utilization of environmental resources in Ethiopia. This Ethiopia Environmental Outlook provides a comprehensive assessment of environmental state-and-trend, and the implications of this for human well-being and development.

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