Green meeting guide 2009: roll out the green carpet for your participants

United Nations Environment Programme (2009)

The United Nations organisations are responsible for an impressive number of meetings each year, ranging from small meetings of 10 people, up to large events with several thousand participants. These meetings take place in all parts of the world and in regions varying greatly in terms of environmental priorities, experience and infrastructure. While representing an incredible occasion to network, exchange ideas and learn meetings also have negative environmental implications - arising for example from participants travelling

heating and cooling the venue

the materials provided to participants

to the catering for their meals and accommodation. By greening their meetings organisations can achieve substantial cost savings, impress their participants and deliver a very concrete and tangible sustainability message. Greening your meeting will reduce the direct environmental impact of your meeting, but will also leave a positive and lasting legacy to the local community and to the participants. This guide is designed to assist organisers and hosts of small- to medium sized meetings in including green considerations as early as possible in the preparation of the event. It describes the issues to consider in the planning phase and provides a very simple and concrete check list to pick and choose concrete actions to carry out.

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