World trade in Crocodilian skins, 1999-2001. Prepared as part of the International Alligator and Crocodile Trade

United Nations Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre (United Nations Environment Programme-WCMC) (2003)

UNEP-WCMC has previously produced nine reports for the International Alligator and Crocodile Trade Study (IACTS) that have examined the international trade in crocodilian skins from 1980 to 2000. As in the previous reports, the data used in this report have been obtained from the CITES Trade Database that UNEP-WCMC maintains on behalf of the CITES Secretariat, with additional information provided by the Crocodile Farmers Association of Zimbabwe. The present report is intended to update these reports by detailed analysis of information for the years up to 2001. It also attempts to identify problem areas and to recommend, where possible, workable solutions. As in the lACTS report for 2002, this report presents information on trade levels in both classic skins (alligators and true crocodiles) and caimans and also trade in other products such as live animals and meat.

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