Nauru - National Report for Third International Conference

Ms. Margo Deiye ; Mr. John Limen ; Ms. Josie-Ann Jacob ; Ms. Jillian Campbell-UNESCAP (2013)

This report serves as a national input for Nauru for the 2014 SIDS Conference, the Pacific regional preparatory meeting and the Interregional preparatory meeting. The assessment includes a review of progress and gaps in the implementation of the BPoA and MSI, new and emerging challenges and national policy concerns. This report also includes a brief discussion on linking with global initiatives such as the post-2015 development agenda. This assessment included a national consultative meeting held on 16-18 April 2010 to discuss NSDS progress and new and emerging challenges. The consultative meeting involved stakeholders from government, communities, private entities, non-governmental organizations and others. The inputs from the consultative meeting have been supplemented with information from previous NSDS assessments, the MSI+5 assessment of Nauru, the UNDAF framework for Nauru, the 2012 Nauru MDG report, the Nauru census analysis and interviews with key stakeholders. Progress and gaps in the implementation of the BPoA and MSI were primarily assessed based on the 19 priority themes and means of implementation in the MSI. However, as this assessment is based on national priorities there is not a complete overlap between the MSI themes and the current report. The report highlights a few key achievements and gaps for each sector

it is not an exhaustive list of achievements or gaps.

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