Solomon Islands - National Report for Third International Conference

Melchior Mataki (2013)

This is a preparatory report for the Solomon Islands towards the Small Islands Developing States (SIDs) Sustainable Development (SD) Conference in Samoa next year. The report assessed substantive issues pertinent to the 4 conference objectives (assess progress & gaps, seek political commitment, identify new and emerging challenges and opportunities, and priorities for the conference), identified key issues and barriers to the implementation of the conference objectives, and practical and pragmatic actions at the country level, and identified opportunities for cooperative partnerships. The priorities of the Solomon Islands for the 2014 Conference centres on the economic pillar of SD with a clear intention to provide the necessary resources to address the environmental and social protection pillars. Listed below is a synthesis of priorities derived from relevant national policy documents: ? Equitable and Sustainable Rural and General Economic Development ? Good Governance and Leadership at all levels ? Invest in Human Resources, Education Infrastructure and Institutional Development ? Improve Health and Medical Services ? Improve Water Supply and Sanitation ? Law and Order and Peaceful Country ? Improve Social and Cultural Services ? Promote Green Growth ? Improve the Integrity of Marine and Oceans Environment and Resources? Increase Education and Employment Opportunities ? Sustainability of Livelihood and Access to Basic Infrastructure and Service ? Environment Protection and Resource Management ? Invest in Renewable Energy Resources to progressively replace fossil fuel use for electricity generation ? Enhance ICT Connectivity ? Promote Private Sector Development ? Promote and Develop the Tourism Sector ? Promote and Invest in Sustainable Agriculture for National Food and Water Security ? Promote and Invest in Sustainable Oceanic Fisheries through measures such as expanding pole and line, onshore landing and processing of catch, investment in the local fishing industry and ensuring appropriate infrastructure to support fisheries development. ? Build on the Gains from MDGs, MSI and Rio+20 outcomes ? Merge the Inter-Governmental Processes of MDGs and SD goals ? Cost Effective and Sustainable Service Delivery Modality for SD goals

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