Palau - National Report for Third International Conference

Republic of Palau (2013)

The Republic of Palau has met or nearly accomplished most of the 2015 Millennium Development Goals. As a leader in sustainable development and conservation, Palau is committed to work towards universal and affordable education and health

clean water, air and sea

ample supply of drinking water and local foods within healthy ecosystems. There is a rising concern for the impacts of Climate Change to the well being of the community. Homes, food and marine ecosystems were lost during Typhoon Bopha. There is concern for increasing GHG emissions and Palau acknowledges the need to mitigate GHG emission with clean energy options for infrastructure and transport. Non- communicable diseases are a major concern and a concerted effort is being made to combat NCDs through healthy diet and exercise. Palau is working towards a shared vision in its planning and budgeting process and invites the global community to support priorities sent form by the nation to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

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