Climate change challenges for Africa: evidence from selected EU-funded research projects

United Nations Environment Programme (2012)

Africa, while currently responsible for a negligible amount of total global greenhouse gas emissions, is under significant threat from climate change. Changes in precipitation levels, likely increase in temperature extremes and rising sea levels will have a wide range of direct and indirect impacts on Africa. In order to adapt to these future climate challenges, it is important for decision makers in Africa to help reduce the negative consequences for society and, in particular, to protect vulnerable groups. Referring to sound research, it is necessary to understand what the future changes to the climate are likely to be, how impacts will be distributed across different regions, the direct and indirect impacts of these changes, and the appropriate adaptation responses to these impacts. Past and ongoing projects funded through the EUs Research Framework Programmes are contributing to this understanding thus helping to improve the capacity of African institutions to make informed decisions for future adaptation to climate change.

Policy Brief