GEO Alaverdi: Environment and Urban Development

OSCE Yerevan office (2009)

This report is an integrated urban environmental assessment covering the town of Alvaredi. The report is based on the GEO Cities methodology made in the framework of the Environment and Security Initiative. It aims at integrated urban environmental assessment that analyses environmental conditions, and its cause analyses pressures on the environment, the policy of reaction towards those pressures and the tools thereof, the trends and solutions for development. Special attention is given to development of scenarios of urban environment. This study is a warning and focuses the attention of both the public and the private sectors to the present and the future of the city. It is a result of constructive work performed by UNEP/GRID-Arendal and OSCE Yerevan, thus it would be preferable to have it play a role in other cities and communities of the Republic.

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