Global International Waters Assessment: Humboldt Current, GIWA Regional Assessment 64

University of Kalmar on behalf of United Nations Environment Programme (2012)

This report presents the GIWA assessment of the Humboldt Current region, located along western South America, stretching from the Ecuadorian-Colombian border to the south of Chile. The world's largest upwelling area, supporting highly productive fisheries, is located within the boundaries of the region. The economy of the region is primarily based on fisheries, agriculture, oil-related industry, mining and maritime transport. As a result of the activities of these sectors Pollution has come to constitute the major environmental and socio-economic concern in the region, followed by Unsustainable exploitation of fish and other living resources. In the report the past and present status as well as future prospects of these concerns are discussed and subsequently traced back to their root causes. Policy options to mitigate these problems are proposed and aim to provide solutions to these fundamental issues in order to enhance the management of the regions aquatic environment.

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